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d4daisy is a publishing company specialising in books about textile art. Our Director, Maggie Grey, is a celebrated author, magazine editor and founder of Workshop on the Web. Maggie is the author of many of our books. We pride ourselves on our wonderful photographs and attention to design, ensuring our books are unbeatable in their class. 

Our latest book

WOWbook 02, curated by Maggie Grey follows on from the success of WOWbook 01 (December 2017)

This edition features —

  • a new twist on Nuno felting from Clare Bullock
  • colourful hand stitching from Sue Dove
  • melting mixed media with Marian Jazmik
  • Linda and Laura Kemshall are sketchbooking
  • Alysn Midgelow-Marsden produces a wall-hanging from recycled materials
  • Plus Diane Bates and her Painted Lady Costume Collection
  • Available in softback and also in PDF version to download straight away

68 pages with over 150 images — £20 plus p&p.


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Coming soon!

... a bumper edition, WOWbook 03 curated by Maggie Grey follows on from the success of our previous two WOWbooks

This edition features —

  • Margaret Beal, who shows us her techniques for fusing fabric
  • Carol Coleman makes a fabric and stitch collage starting with a digital image
  • Jan Evans goes from sketch to stitch
  • Maggie Grey is needle-felting by hand and using the embellisher machine
  • Adele Thomas and Dee Priest have been experimenting with Jacquard's SolarFast
  • We have a special feature for this issue – 'Inspired by the letter A' where various artists including Nicky Barfoot, Jan Beaney, Mrs Bertimus, Sue Hotchkis and Ira Wood, talk about the inspiration for their work
  • Sam Packer talks to Cas Holmes about her work
  • Available in softback book and PDF version to download straight away

72 pages with over 150 images — £25.00 plus p&p.

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We've kept a library of all our Workshop on the Web back issues. You'll find more details here.