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WOWbook 2

In Maggie Grey's WOWbook 02, we are delighted to bring you a wide range of step-by-step workshops including a new twist on Nuno felting from Clare Bullock, colourful hand stitching from Sue Dove and melting mixed media with Marian Jazmik. Linda and Laura Kemshall are making amazing sketchbooks and Alysn Midgelow-Marsden covers a world of fascinating mixed media techniques. Plus, a big scoop for us, the fabulous Diane Bates and her Painted Lady Costume Collection. 

BUT it's not just a book, as buying the book gives you free online access to the WOWbook Members' Club. Here you will find—

  • a welcome to WOWbook 02 from Clare Bullock,
  • more workshops,
  • videos showing new techniques,
  • Maggie Grey's exclusive Multi-coloured WOW Course which continues from WOWbook 01,
  • access to our blog and members' only Facebook group.



Available in softback or epub / pdf download

68 pages, over 150 images. £20.00

WOWbook 01 (December 2017) is still available with all the online extras, including the first parts of Maggie's Multi-coloured WOW Course.

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