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        Cut, Shape, Stitch

'Cut, Shape, Stitch' is a new book by Maggie Grey, Samantha Packer & Paula Watkins. It aims to bring together cutters of all descriptions. The book progresses through simple shapes and techniques to more complex structures. Each section begins with a description of the tools used and the materials required. In many cases step-by-step photographs show exactly how it is done. So come on a journey that will explore the full potential of the cutting edge.There are ideas for all manner of cutting devices, from simple hole punches to easy scan or computer controlled cutters that enable you to import your own designs. Some of them can even be used as printing presses.

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70 pages, 130 images

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We aim to give you that little bit extra. For example, 'Cut, Shape, Stitch', 'Approaches to Stitch: Six Artists', 'Exploring Creative Surfaces', 'Dissolvable Delights', 'Fabulous Surfaces', 'Mixed Media: New Studio Techniques', 'Stitches Straps & Layers', 'Stitching the Textured Surface' and 'Textile Translations' all include a series of free online classes for everyone who has the book, making d4daisy the best value of all textile publishers.

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It is Maggie's ambition to produce a comprehensive glossary covering all the products and techniques that give us so much trouble in translating the languages of various English-speaking countries. This is 'work in progress' and if you would like to add anything to the glossary, email Maggie at maggie@d4daisy.com.

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