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Online Classes for Textile Translations

Maggie Class 1

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Textile Translations: Moving On

Anyone who buys 'Textile Translations' is welcome to join these free online classes. The site is password restricted and passwords will change, so you'll need to have your copy of the book handy when you log in.

The idea is to take some of the techniques in the book to the next level - or beyond.

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The Classes

Lesson 1: Altered books and vessels
We'll look at some of the techniques from the book and take them to the next stage. Although all the techniques can be used in different ways, Maggie will want to concentrate on three-dimensional aspects of mixed media work. Finishing techniques are considered, use of acrylics and alcohol inks, and so on.

Lesson 2: Mixed Media for altered books
The second of our classes will explore ways of developing methods for altering books using a variety of materials. In this lesson, we will concentrate in particular on embossing powders which can be melted for delicious results.

Lesson 3: From scribble to mount
The book concentrates on sketchbook work (see right), showing ways of harnessing inspiration for textiles. In this part of the course, we'll go further into this process, hopefully all using our own personal sources. We'll work through these in an informal manner (no panic about the 'd' word) to produce our own work and then examine ways of presenting it. For instance, the altered book shown above right is really a vehicle for a piece of textile work.
Maggie Class 1

Maggie Class 2